The Legend of Bhagat Singh Biography

the legend of bhagat singh

Bhagat Singh a person who have million of follower, Heart beat of every Indian. The Legend of Bhagat Singh is not only a name its a brand. When we talk about freedom fighter of India, first name come in mind I.e. Bhagat Singh. Great Indian freedom fighter was revolutionary together with Chandrashekhar Azad and other freedom fighters. He is also called Sahid-e-Azam

Bhagat Singh is a hero of every Indian, who is burning like a sholay inside patriotic youth even after 90 years of his extinguishing and screaming ” Inquilab Zindaabad “

Bhagat Singh had habit to write quotes. Quotes of Bhagat Singh are so inspires and motivational.

Early Life of The Legend Bhagat Singh

28 september 1907 Great day of Indian history, great man was born. Birth place is Banga villege in the Lyallpur district of punjab (present pakistan). His father was Sardar kisan singh and mother name is Vidhya Devi Kaur. When Bhagat Singh was born, same day his father and two uncle released from prision (jail). Shahid Bhagat Singh belong to farmer family. Political activity did in his family. His uncle and father were members of Ghadar Party.

Most sikh student were going to khalsa school. But Bhagat Singh decided to went An Arya Samaj school which is Dayanand Anglo-Vedic High School. He very inspired from Arya Samaj philosophy.

13 april 1919 Jallianwala Bhag Massacre (Hathya Kand) occur in Amritsar. Bhagat Singh visited Jallianwala site at only age of 12 years. Amritsar or Jalianwala khand produce big effect on Bhagat Singh’s thoughts. At childhood age Legend Singh started dreaming to unroot british govt.

In 1921 Mahatma Gandhi start non violence philosophy. Bhagat Singh participate in these movement. But in 4 february 1922, clashed occur between police and protesters. Non violence protestor were angry due to air firing by police. People fired the police station. 20 policeman and 3 civilian were dead in these incident. Gandhi not support farmer and decide to stop the movement of non violence. Shaheed Bhagat Singh not happy by Gandhi ‘s desicion.

Bhagat Singh reach conclusion that, violence was only one way to get independent. After that he become member of Hindusthan Republican Army (HRA) party. Which is created by Chandrashekhar Azad. Sardar Bhagat Singh change the name of HRA and give new name Hindusthan Social Republican Army (HSRA). The aim of party was create socialist Bharat.

Revolutionary Actuvity

Revenge of Lala Ji Death

In 1928 Siman commission come in India. People against it, Lala Laj patray who was politician and writes lead these movement. British police take brutal attack. Lala ji injured in these attack. After 17 days he dead. Bhagat Singh and HSRA members so angry. They decided to kill police SP Skot, which is responsible for Lala Ji death.

According to plan Bhagat Singh and Rajguru reach front of kotwali police station of Lahore. They was walk in busy look. Jaigopal sit with own bicycle. Jaigopal ready to give sign to Bhagat Singh when SP Scott was came.

In evening near 4pm ASP Sanders was came. Bhagat singh and Rajguru think he is Scott. Rajguru fire bullet and kill Sanders. They take revenge of Lala ji death.

Assembly Incident in 1929

bhagat singh original photo
its bhagat singh original photo

Two days before of assembly incident Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt visit assembly. They went to monitring of central assembly. They want to find the area where no one injured after bomb thrown.

On 8th april 1929 at about 12:30pm a metting was continue in Central assembly. Which was rulling by president of assembly (Vithalbhai patel). Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt (Bi Dutt) was going to assembly. They throw bomb on assembly. Bomb thrown in empty space of hall. Purpose of bomb thrown reach voice to hear less britisher. They not want to kill anyone.

After bomb thrown, full of smoke all around in assembly. Two young men slogen raised “Inquilab Zindaabad”. You already know these young men was Bhagat Singh and BK Dutt. Both courted arrest. Mastermind of assembly incident was The Legend Singh.

Bhagat Singh give also srunder own automatic pistal, which used to killed Sanders. They already know pistol was big proof of Sanders murdered.

Both were taken different-different police station. BT Dutt in Chandni Chowk police station and Bhagat Singh in kotwali police station. For question separate they take separately.

Jail Life of Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh spend near two years in jail. That particular time he write article for express own revolutionary idea and thoughts. In own article Bhagat Singh described the capitalist as his enemy.

He wrote that even if an Indian, who exploits the worker, is an enemy. You hear about Bhagat Singh article ” Why am I an atheist?” Also wrote in Jail. Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighter went to 7 days hunger strike. One fighter and his friend Yatindranath Das gave up his life in hunger strike.


7 october 1930 court gave judgement in which Rajguru, Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev were sentenced to death. After punishment, In Lahore section 144 imposed to maintain british law order. Privy council filled appeal for forgiveness to Bhagat Singh. But appeal was cancelled.

Then Pt. Madan Mohan malviya (congress president) also filled appeal for forgiveness. That are also cancelled. Bhagat Singh did not want any forgiveness. These all were occur against Bhagat ‘s wishes.

Just before time of hanging Bhagat Singh reading biography of Lenin. British police were come and ask, what was your last desire. The Legend Bhagat Singh said give time to compete biography.

When the officer of jail were informed hanging time was come. He said stop first, meet one revolutionary with second. Then after some time , book leapt toward celling and said ” okay now come on.”

Time of going to hanging they singing-

“Give me the colour Basanti Chola, Give me the colour , Give me the colour, Basanti Chola My Rang De Basanti Chola

Black day of Indian history, on 23 march 1931 at 7:33 pm in evening Bhagat and his two friends Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged.

After hanging ,Britisher feared for prevent any movement first cut the dead body into small parts. And these parts filled into sacks. Went to Firozpur where they burnt by kerosene oil.

Near villager saw fire, they come near. British feared, they throw dead bodies part into Sutlej River and run. People collect their body parts and duly cremated them.

The Legend of Bhagat Singh became immortal forever.

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